Polypropylene Hollow Sheet

Polypropylene (PP) Hollow corrugated plastic sheet is an extruded twin wall hollow fluted plastic sheets consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. It is mainly manufactured from a high impact co-polymer polypropylene which is recyclable, durable, washable and reusable. Polypropylene hollow fluted corrugated plastic sheet/boards was proved that it is suitable in the uses of packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture, industry and pharmaceutical etc.


Thickness                 2mm 3mm 5mm
Density (gsm)          250-450 300-600 800-1200
Skin Thickness        0.0065″ 0.008″ 0.013″
Flute Thickness       0.0065″ 0.008″ 0.013″
Color                        All All All
Surface Tension (dyne/cm)               46 46 46


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  • Product Description


    1. Service time is much longer, ordinary steel roof tile can only last less than 15 years, the UPVC workshop can last for over 40 years!

    2. Excellent corrosion resistance performance, more suitable for the chemistry factory or food factory, steel-based workshop will be easily corroded because of chemistry reaction, but the UPVC tiles won’t react with those chemistry thanks to its special performance, which will protect your factory in safety and guarantee the normal production operation.

    3. Good water resistance performance. The ASA or PMMA layer on the UPVC can resist water penetration and doesn’t absorb water, when install the tiles, there are only very few joints, those features make the waterproof function very good.

    4. Heat insulation performance is good, much better than other roof tiles, the heat insulation effect is 3 times of clay tiles, 5 times of 10mm thick cement tiles, 2000 times of 0.5mm steel tile!

    5. No matter heavy rain or wind or other noise, it can absorb those noise very well and keep your workshop quiet and bring you more comfort!

    6. Fire-protection, the material is rather difficult to burn, according to the technical test result, the anti-fire grade can reach B1 Grade.

    7. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance. Physical test of a 1kg  ball freely falls on the tile from 2 meters height without any crack, and there is no damage when the ball falls ten times at low temperature. After 10 freezing and melting cycles, the product has no blow, bubble, stripping and crack.

    8. Load bearing is good, it won’t break when 150kg is evenly loaded on the roof, which means workers can install and maintain the roof tile in safety.

    9. Easy installation, as the roof sheet’s size is bigger and the weight is light, it will save you much time and cost to install.

    Product                PP Corrugated Sheet
    Introduction A kind of environmental material, which is no pollution and recyclable, made of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (HDPE).  Coreflute Sheet is high transparency, light weight, anti-impact and waterproof, which is a kind of excellent packing material, widely used in advertisement printing, industrial packaging, and product protection industries.
    Features 1. Light weight and easy processed.
    2. Moisture resistance and heat resistance.
    3. Aging resistance and high tensile strength.
    4. Chemical resistant and non-toxic.
    5. Easy to clean and maintain.
    Primary Competitive Advantages 1.Competitive Price
    2.Small Orders Accepted
    3.Prompt Delivery
    4.Product Features And Product Performance
    5.Reputation And Service
    6.Factory Direct Selling
    7.Patent Technology Plastic Machinery