Fasertuch PVC Tensile Fabric

Fasertuch PVC Fabric structures allow you to make a statement. Textile construction as a component of modern architecture is accepted increasingly all over the world. A very advanced and high tech type of technical textile is used for textile architecture. Tensile structures are the latest construction technique, which have flooded the market. This technique is very advanced and easy to install and demolish. They just look fabulous and are becoming popular day by day. There are various applications of these structures and advantages.

Tensile structures are basically made using two components. First being the fabric and the second being the metal skeleton on which the fabric is spread. Because the metal can be casted into any shape and the fabric can be spread easily on it, this structure can take any shape.

Thus, you can opt for any design, and we can deliver it to you.

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  • Product Description


    • Durable : very long life
    • Great Aesthetics
    • Light Weight
    • Flame Resistant, Perfect UV resistance : High abrasion resistance
    • PVDF lacquering prevents Natural and industrial dirt to settle : Aggressive dirt can be cleaned with normal detergent soap and water
    • Covers large area without Support
    • Ease of Fabrication : Perfect Weldability
    • Quick Installation
    • Ease of Maintenance
    • 100% Recyclable

    Technical Specifications:

    Base fabric Polyester – PES
    Coating PVC with PVDF fluor lacquer on both sides
    Total weight (g/m2) 850
    Width (ft) 8’2”
    Tensile strength (N/5 cm) 4400/4000
    Tear resistance (N) 580/520
    Adhesion (N/5 cm) 120
    Translucency at 550 nm (%) 5
    Flame retardancy B1