Established in the Mid 1990’s, Four M Enterprises has been continually bringing innovative products to the building industry of Pakistan. We are Pioneers in introducing novel products such as a complete line of products including fabrication, ranging from Poly carbonate sheets Hollow sheets, Flat sheets, Solid sheet, shutter wall sheet, Diffusion sheet. In addition we have an extensive range of PVC/uPVC/aPVC corrugated sheets and sail. We carry good quality products & provided best services to meet our customer's requirements and are always keen to introduce innovative products to the market.

Line of Products

1. Polycarbonate :
  A) Multiwall Hollow Sheets
     -Lexan™ from SABIC-Europe
     -Cornerstone™ from Taiwan
     -Sunshield™ from Korea
B) Solid Sheets
   -Lexan™ from SABIC-Europe
   -Cornerstone™ from Taiwan
C) Profiles and accessories
2. Rooflite PVC sheets
3. Sail Shades
4. Boardlite- Foam Board

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